PCMH Validation Programs

Several organizations have created or are in the process of creating programs to validate primary care practices with characteristics of patient centered medical homes.  The validation programs most commonly used in Michigan are listed below.

A.  NCQA Recognition  (Note: NCQA is updating their program in 2011)    
        1. NCQA Requirement Overview
        2. NCQA PCMH Content and Scoring 
        3. Prism One Pagers for NCQA Standards

B.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan PGIP Designation
       1. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan PCMH and PCMH-N Interpretive 
           Guidelines 2012-2013
       2. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan PCMH Summary Document
       3. Blue Cross Blue Shild of Michigan PCMH One-Page Summary     
C.  Crosswalk: Joint Principle Characteristics, NCQA Standards and BCBSM-PGIP Domains

       D.  Other Validation Programs -
1.  Joint Commission
             2.  AAAHC
             3.  Urac